Domestic Employment Wanted

MARIA SEBOLA Soek deeltydse werk 4 dae in die week. Baie betroubaar en deeglike werker. Tweetalig. 072‑274‑3641 - VP022428

ANNAH Seeking PC Job, Monday, Tues, and Thursday, slp out, ref avail. Washing, ironing and clean speaks afrikaans 082‑223‑2700 - VP022429

Louisa 071‑430‑3061 seeks full time domestic work. Cooking and childcare as well. Sleep out. Reference avail - OC001856

Melita 071‑315‑9451 seeks full time work excl Tuesdays. Domestic and childcare. Sleep in. Reference avail - OC001845

CHRISTINAH: 079‑303‑9065. Seeks full time or part time, Mon-Fri. Sleep out. Ref avail. Code 08 Drivers License - EH000215

DAISY: 062‑377‑1463. Seeks Fulltime, sleep in. Washing, cleaning, ironing. NO CHILDCARE, NO COOKING. Ref - EH000173

SARAH: 082‑692‑4218 seeks part time employment for Tue, Wed & Fri. Reliable worker. Ref available. 082‑692‑4218 - EH000154