Shock as dog, puppies die in Pta

The heavily pregnant dog was found abandoned in Montana. Photo: Supplied

A dog suspected to have been thrown over a fence in Montana earlier this month died along with her unborn puppies.

On 2 July, two dogs were rescued by residents in Montana after they were abandoned on an empty stand on the corner Hornbill and Breed streets.

One of the rescuers, Willie Els, previously told Rekord that he suspected the dogs had been thrown over the palisade fence surrounding the empty stand.

“The dogs were way too big to fit through the narrow spaces of the fence, and the gate was locked with a heavy chain. So unless the people had a key to open the lock, there is no other way the dogs could get inside that yard,” he said.

The rescuers had to force open the gate to free the dogs, that had apparently been trapped inside the fenced-off stand for days.

The two dogs, both crossbreeds, were taken to Wollies animal project in Hesteapark.

Wollies’ spokesperson Cilla Trexler said: “The female Rottweiler-cross was heavily pregnant, and we expected her to go into labour within days after she had arrived at the shelter.”

She said the dog soon became ill.

“I could see something was wrong, so we immediately took her to the veterinarian,” said Trexler.

“The vet discovered all of her babies had died inside her, and said that she had to be put down.

“Sadly there are many more such abandonment cases that end tragically,” said Trexler.

“The cruelty with which animals are treated is heart-breaking. There is really no reason to abandon animals next to roads or mistreat them when there are organisations like Wollies that can help them find loving homes,” Trexler said.

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