4 useful ways you can save money on car insurance

A car that doesn’t have insurance is like a fight at a Spur restaurant – dangerous and not worth the risk.

Everyone knows how important car insurance is; however forking out a few extra hundred Rands every month is something not people are willing to do. We get it, car insurance can be pricey.

Car insurance does not necessarily have to be a financial strain and if you feel it is, then the term ‘save money’ should be as appealing to you as the apple was on the tree to Adam and Eve.

There is a way out, especially if you follow these important tips:

  1. Do your research. Spend time browsing the net for the best car insurance quotes and read through each providers’ frequently asked questions. You do not want to find yourself settling for the first quote you see and then find a better deal afterwards.
  1. Be a good driver. This does not mean hooting at other cars during traffic but following the rules of the road and driving cautiously. Not only is this good for your sanity but it also saves you from a potential insurance premium rate increase due to accidents caused by negligent driving.
  1. Ask about discounts. Insurance companies may offer a variety of benefits which includes discounts. Certain companies may offer discounts for drivers with cars with certain safety features or even those drivers who have a good driving history with few or no accidents. Or pool your car and home insurance
  1. Maintaining a good credit record may also help you pay less on car and truck insurance so it is important to manage your accounts and debt carefully to avoid a negative credit score in future.

Still thinking of taking out insurance or have any other questions? Contact MiWay today to receive an affordable insurance quote and advice on which will be the best option for you.

Corlia Kruger

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