Easter weekend sees more abandoned animals

A puppy found wandering in Joan Street, Heatherdale last week. She was taken to Wollies animal shelters. Photo: Supplied

Abandoned and missing animals have kept staff of Wollies animal project in the north of Pretoria busy after the Easter weekend.

The latest addition was a box filled with mewling kittens left for dead next to a road.

“We see an increase of abandoned or missing animals who are never claimed by their owners – especially during the holidays,” said Cilla Trexler, of Wollies.

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Trexler said prior to the Easter weekend, a lot of pet owners brought their animals to the shelters at Wollies.

“Many people said they were moving and a lot of the owners said they lost their jobs and couldn’t afford to take care of their pets anymore.”

During the weekend, volunteers and residents all over Pretoria brought in more animals found lost and wandering in the streets.

“A lot of the animals may simply have gone missing, but only a very few pet owners have contacted us to claim their lost pets.”

“Even though circumstances may force people to leave their pets at an animal shelter, it is never okay to abandon them. Rather bring your pets to us than leave them in boxes next to the road.”

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The kittens, recently found in the north of Pretoria, were discovered in a closed box from which they could not escape.

“If residents in the area had not found them in time, they surely would’ve died,” said Trexler.

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