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Xiaomi’s Barra quits China for Silicon Valley

Hugo Barra, who caused a sensation in 2013 by leaving Google to become a vice president of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, announced Monday he was returning to the United States for health reasons.

Britons sizzle over chips and toast cancer warnings

A government health warning over the potential dangers of toast, roast potatoes and chips — all traditional staples of the British diet — had the country’s tabloids hitting out Monday.

Turkey coup plot suspects on trial in Istanbul

Dozens of rebel Turkish soldiers went on trial Monday over their alleged role in last year’s failed coup, in the first case to be heard of dissident troops in Istanbul.

China orders more than 100 golf courses shut: govt

China has ordered the closure of a sixth of the country’s golf courses since 2011, its top economic planner said, in an ongoing crackdown on a sport controversial for its links with wealthy elites.

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